We manufacture a range of capping machines to meet your requirements.
They fall into the following categories:

  • Manually operated tighteners
  • Automatic tighteners
  • Fully automatic cappers


We manufacture a range of volumetric piston fillers either semi-automatic or fully- automatic.

They are suitable for filling a wide range of liquids and creams in most industries.


We manufacture conveyors of the following types:

  • Slat chain
  • Belt

The slat chain type are suitable for use with our cappers and filling machines.
The belt conveyors are suitable for conveying caps, bottles and other products.

Special Projects

We are able to design and build specialized machines to suit your needs which are related to the filling and capping process.

One off automation jobs are also undertaken. We are experienced in most aspects of pneumatic and PLC automation.


Drake Design has been DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING THE Pavar range of capping, filling and conveying equipment for over 15 years.

We have a number of standard machines able to handle a wide variety of containers, caps and products in most industries.

Pavar Rotary Tables